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Wavelength Division Multiplexing Terminal of Quantum Channels

Wavelength Division Multiplexing Terminal of Multiplex Quantum Channels QWDM-104 is developed with fully independent intellectual property rights. According to ITU DWDM wavelength spaces to select working wavelength, and with an optimal design of the optical path, this product can make quantum signals of different wavelengths transmit simultaneously in one single fiber. Additionally, transmission capacity can be custom-made according to the demands of actual project alternatives.

  1. Standard 19-inch rackable enclosure, 1U, passive components
  2.  High isolation and low insertion loss
  3.  All specifications are according to the definitions given in ITU-T Recommendation G.694.2, as more flexible, compatible extension
  1. Wavelength division multiplexing of QKD network
  2. Extension of quantum channels
insertion loss≤2.0dB


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