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Applications of telecommunications network operation

In addition to providing common communication links, telecom network operation also provides additional value-added services such as secure private lines. The company's products provide solutions for the protection of backbone and access network private lines.

Telecommunication backbone network protection: Quantum secure communication is integrated with the telecom backbone network, and the quantum channel, the negotiation channel and the classical data channel carrying the OTN service realize the common fiber transmission through the wavelength division multiplexing of the OTN device, and the quantum key is applied between the OTN devices. The encryption of service data provides a smooth upgrade and high security solution for the telecom backbone network. This technology has been verified by the current network test.

Telecommunication access network protection: In telecom access network in the passive optical network (PON), through the optical line terminal (OLT)/optical network unit (ONU) deployment respectively quantum key distribution terminal and receiving/launch multiplexing fiber, implements the one-to-many in PON network security key distribution, and support the secure accessof the ONU user data.


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