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Quantum-secure Communication Network Management System

The Kun-Teng Quantum-secure Communication Network Management System supports the device maintenance and configuration, concerning malfunction, operation, performance and data capacity, specifically including parameter configuration of the network element equipment, presentation of network topology, CRUD of the topology object and the template management of control panel. The monitoring of malfunction is implemented depending on the running status data and the performance deterioration index.

  1. Collection of basic device information and displaying of network infrastructure and device information
  2.  Collection and analysis of alarm information, and monitoring of network and device malfunction in real time
  3.  Collection of performance information, and monitoring of device running status in real time
  4.  Support of downstream management, including remote reset & update, clock synchronization
  1. Monitoring and management of Metropolitan Quantum-secure communication network
  2.  Monitoring and management of Backbone Quantum-secure communication network


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