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Quantum Teleportation Experimental System

Quantum teleportation takes advantage of the specific entanglement properties of the entangled photons to rebuild the quantum states at the remote location, which is one of the most famous breakthrough in the fields of quantum communication. Because of its unique properties for sending a quantum state, it is widely utilized in the fields of quantum communication, quantum network, quantum repeater and quantum computation. 

The latest lauched quantum teleportation system is an expanding experiment system which is based on the miniaturized BBO crystal entangled source developed by QuantunCTek. The system exploits polarization entangled photon pairs which are produced by parametric down conversion of nonlinear crystal, then initial state will be prepared in one of polarization entangled photons by using the wave plate, and the Bell-states will be measured by using interference ring, moreover, the other photon can be used to recover the quantum state at the remote end.

The principle of quantum teleportation has been well known by now. The original information can be divided into classical information and quantum information. In this experiment system, the classical information is attached to the coincidence counting, while the quantum channel is represented by entanglement correlation of the entangled photon pairs. Finally, we verify if the quantum teleportation has been made successfully according to the measurement results, then acquire and analyze measurements data through PC software to reveal the transmitted quantum state.

The experiment system has advantages of little size and good maneuverability, and is convenient for users to comprehend the experiment principle of quantum teleportation in practical operation. Furthermore, relevant frontier scientific experiments could be carried out on this platform.

  1. Portable and miniaturization design
  2. PC software
  3. USB control interfaces
  4. Good maneuverability and expansibility
  1.  Quantum communication network
  2.  Quantum computation
  3.  Quantum repeater
  1. Quantum teleportation equipment
  2. Photon coincidence counting system
  3. Single-photon detection system
  4. Entangled photon source
  5. PC software


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