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QUKey uses high performance dedicated security chip of IIPR’s and is combined with new arrival QSS-ME. It achieves the LAST MILE from resources of quantum keys to mobile terminal and secure applications of mobile quantum

  1. Configured with large capacity secure storage space for quantum keys
  2.  High-Performance hardware encrypt & decrypt engine
  3.  Supporting AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, DES, 3DES and other international standard algorithms
  4.  Supporting SM1, SM3, SM4 and other algorithms published by SCA
  5.  Safety in design, physically anti-invasions attacks and semi-invasive attacks
  6.  Supporting quantum key application interface protocol by installing COS of IIPRP
  7.  Support One-time pad
  1. Mobile office / operation
  2.  Mobile e-government
  3.  Mobile payment
  4.  Data protection of mobile terminal
encryption and decryption speedAES-256≥20Mbps
secure storage capacityDefault 1 GB, maximum configurable to 8GB
operating power consumption≤375mW


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