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QSS-ME enables the quantum key resources to be integrated into mobile equipments through quantum secure media products and manages mobile requirements dynamically. It provides various services to users including but not limited to key agreements between multi-points, access authentication, access control, security storage.

Based on wide distribution network of quantum keys, QSS-ME provides local and roaming access-service for users to access quantum network easily and keep its highly security protection capacity, even at home, in an office or in travel.

QSS-ME breaks though the limitation of point-to-point mobile encrypted communication, provides security to users as a service. It shows infinite possibilities of application extensions which are not restricted by OS, application protocols and application platforms.

  1. Authentication and Access control: QSS-ME executes security authentication and access control for the mobile terminal. It authorizes that quantum keys distribution service in the licensed lifespan
  2.  Multi-point key agreement: QSS-ME provides quantum keys distribution service for different authorized mobile terminal and service
  3.  Secure key storage: QSS-ME which has a dedicated encryption and saves keys in cipher text provides security storage service for quantum keys
  4.  Encrypt & decrypt service: QSS-ME provides encrypt & decrypt service basing on SM1, SM3, SM4 and other encrypt algorithms published by SCA
  5.  Device management for quantum secure device: QSS-ME supports quantum security medium and quantum credible device management service including privilege management, lifespan management and so on
  1. Mobile payment
  2.  Mobile office
  3.  Mobile operation
  4.  Industrial IoT
  5.  VOIP


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