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QFPS Fiber Phase Shifter

In both classical and quantum communication, it is crucial to keep the stability and contrast of interference. The stability of interferometer could influence the proportion of feedback time and the running time of the system. Besides, the contrast affacts the error rates of the system. Serious deterioration of contrast even stops the communication. So, it is necessary to stablize the contrast of interferometer dynamically in real time. In addition, high request on the stability and contrast is present in various coherent solutions among quantum cryptography processing.

The QFPS fiber phase shifter is a key device in an interferometer. The phase shifter achieves fine adjustment by adopting piezoelectric (PZT) ceramics to draw the optical fiber. Located in anspecific feedback system, the phase shifter can compensate in real time the phase drifts and contrast degradation due to environment temperature changing and mechanical vibration. Take advantage of the compact structure and special process management, QFPS series features miniaturized size and high stability.

  1. Low half-wave voltage and multiple phase-shift cycle
  2.  Entire fiber-optical structure and low insertion loss
  3.  High response speed
  4.  Dynamic real-time adjustment without interruptions
  5.  Long operating life
  6.  Miniaturized volume and ease of integration
  7.  High return loss and low polarization dependent loss
  1. Classical coherent communication system
  2.  Quantum security communication system
  3.  Quantum random number generator
  4.  Quantum entanglement photon interference
  5.  Other interferometers based on fiber
wavelength 1260 ~ 1650 nm780~970 nm
insertion loss <0.3 dB<0.5 dB
response speed <1 ms<1 ms
half wave voltage<10 V<10 V


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