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QEPC-100 Dynamic Polarization Controller

The polarization mode dispersion (PMD) is paid more attention in the optical communication with continual improving of data transmission rate. Irregular changing birefringence phenomenon, which is caused by the fiber inherent defect with various environment factors has increased the unpredictability of the polarization dependent loss(PDL)greatly, so we have to detect and control the fiber polarization state dynamically in real time.

QEPC-100 dynamic polarization controllers, which can change the given polarization state into any desired state, are the core device to address all the issues above. With unique all-fiber optical structure, the QEPC series has excellent properties while others not (e.g. glass type). Besides, the QEPC series, with advantages of miniaturized size and high stability, is an imperative polarization feedback and compensation component in both high speed optical communication and quantum communication.

  1. Low insertion loss
  2.  High sensitivity
  3.  Dynamic controller
  4.  Long operating life
  5.  Miniaturized volume and ease of integration
  6.  High return loss
  7.  Low polarization dependent loss
  1. Fiber polarization controller
  2.  PMD dynamic compensation
  3.  Polarization state tracking and stabilizing in real time 
  4.  Polarization state scrambling
  5.  Fiber sensor
  6.  Fiber laser
  7.  Polarization detection
wavelength 1260 ~ 1650 nm
insertion loss <0.5 dB
return loss>50 dB


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