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Network Operation and Maintenance System

Network Operation and Maintenance System provides a process-oriented, standardized and intelligent platform for the resource planning, service planning, operation support, service activation and service assurance, enhancing the quality of security service and customer satisfaction. It is significant for safe and stable operation of the quantum-secure communication network.

  1. Unified table: unify the input tables of different business processes and achieve the data interaction of the same business in different institutions, to avoid the problem of information island.
  2.  Standardized process: unify the flow and the role of each node of different business processes, to ensure an electronic collaborative office and high work efficiency.
  3.  Centralized scheduling: ensure the scheduling and allocation management of communication resources, with a reasonable resource allocation mechanism. 
  4.  Centralized control: ensure the uniqueness of the data source and centralized management of data, to avoid the data redundancy storage problem.
  5.  Support centralized monitoring and hierarchical maintenance through arrangement and follow-up of the work order. 
  6.  Fault analysis: support fault location on module level and analysis of affected scope, achieve fast exception analysis and faultlocation, and increase the efficiency of operation and maintenance.
  1. Operation and management of Metropolitan quantum-secure communication network
  2. Operation and management of Backbone quantum-secure communication network


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